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Quality Management & Sustainability

fire protection quality management

Our quality management processes are based on tried and tested systems, providing full documentary tracking from project inception through to completion. We work closely in conjunction with both manufacturers and suppliers in order to provide a quality installation on time, within budget, every time.  We are currently developing our systems whilst working towards achieving ISO 9001 and aim to have done this by the end of the year.

We have an environmental policy in place, which includes an ongoing commitment to improving our environmental performance.  This includes effective waste management and recycling methods to minimise waste, as well as  increasing the awareness of employees and sub-contractors to reduce the effects of our operations on the environment.  To do this we have been working hard to develop our knowledge by joining the Supply Chain Sustainability School, and have achieved a Silver Award for our efforts so far.  We hope to have achieved a Gold Award by the end of the year.

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